About Me

A Dream to become an Artist!!

Is it easy to listen to your inner voice?

When I travel down the memory lane, as a child I remember how inquisitive the little me was about the world around me.
I consumed most of my time perceiving the delighted nature and its creations.
The colours mesmerized me and kept me involved to explore more and more.
As I grew up the explorations reached new horizons.
Being punctual and proactive with an academically strong background abetted me further to take a decision of being an Artist.

Not everything is a cakewalk-

Our Parents are our lifeline whom we grow up with. They give us the comfort and required amenities so that we excel in our upcoming existence
They look forward to us and relive their childhood until we grow up and enter into a phase wherein we are to choose our career. Their aspirations at times become our reality.

Coming from a doctor’s family, my father wanted me to choose better and secured profession instead art field.
It took courage for me to put across my field of interest and I did manage to play wonders in the area I chose.

After graduating from the College of Fine Arts in the year 2000, I went in for completing my 2D animation followed by a Diploma in Art Education.

My work and my passion voyaged together. In between came in the most awaited compliment from my father who acknowledged my Artwork and this boosted my zeal to the heights of enthusiasm.

There was no turning back I said to myself and went ahead galloping in search of what actually was in store for me which took me ahead in search of my further journey as an artist.
My artistic spirit grows deeper day by day as I practice watercolours on daily basis.
It has become an immense part of my routine.
Despite of being well accustomed to varied mediums of paintings, I personally chose to go ahead with water colours as they play the magic.
Almost 2 decades and I have worked in various professions – Animator, Designer, Teacher. Each day made me learn new things and it is not over, I am yet to learn through every instance of life.
I possess unique experience and expertise in the field of Art which holds a secured place in my heart.
Like me, I am in search of similar minds who are seeking the required guidance to discover the self-connect while they merrily explore the magic of their creativity.
Each profession can vary, what matters is to excel in the interest one holds and I am here to help you all to listen to your creative voice, gain confidence and become proficient in the art to kickstart the path towards creativity.